Document templates for SLU publications

Last changed: 21 October 2020
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On this page, you will find document templates in Word for SLU publications. The templates were updated at the beginning of 2020. You will also find information and help on how to use the templates.

Doctoral and Licentiate theses

The zip file contains:

  • insert (text in the summary chapter/monograph)
  • notice of dissertation
  • errata list
  • back cover text (doctoral thesis)
  • article template with instructions

Student projects/Independent projects


The report template works in the same way as the student thesis template and you can therefore use the instructions for the student thesis template. For those of you who prefer to work in InDesign, there is a report template developed by SLU communication.

Previous versions of the templates and other programs

For those who are using a previous version of the templates with macros

The current templates were launched in early 2020 and are recommended. But if you are working in a previous version, you can download the templates with instructions below:

Doctoral theses

Licentiate theses


Instructions for the previous templates

Use another program than Microsoft Word for the thesis


For you who prefer using LaTeX , there is a template for SLU theses available. It was created by Rob Hart and was updated in January 2020.

Other programs

It is also possible to use another word processor or a layout program. Then you must format the document yourself. It is particularly important that the paper size is correct.


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