Makerspace in Alnarp with 3D printer, lego and crafts

Last changed: 30 September 2022

The Library has a Makerspace in Alnarp, on the third floor above the library. Intended to be a space for creative recovery, you will be able to try new technology, crafts and create freely. The space is accessible with keycard every day, 06.00-23.00. 

Use and book the 3D printer

We have a 3D printer called Flashforge Adventure 3. You are welcome to book and use it after you have attended one of our introductory sessions.

  • Sign up for an introductory session which lasts about one hour and gives you the basic knowledge to operate the printer and use the program Flashprint. 
  • Book the 3D printer log in with your student account details to book the printer after you have attended one of the introductory session.

Other equipment in the Makerspace

  • Lego can be used both during your studies or for work, to build prototypes or visualize data. Yoiu might even want to give stop-motion movies using Lego a go!
  • Puzzles and art supplies
  • Seed library Exchange seeds at the Seed Library! Save some of the seeds from your flowers or vegetables and leave a few in the Seed Library in exchange for new ones during the next sowing season!

The space is accessible with keycard every day, 06.00-23.00. 

Get involved and develop your makerspace!

We want this space to develop according to students’ needs: if you have ideas, requests for specific equipment, or just want to let us know what you think, you are more than welcome to get in touch. 

3D-printer with small printed objects, photo.
The 3D-printer. The red and white objects are examples of what can be printed.
Art supplies in an open box, photo.
You can also paint and draw in our makerspace.
Legobricks in various colours on a table, photo.
Build models using legos, or build something just for fun.