Lending rules and loan periods

Last changed: 20 May 2019

The SLU University Library is open to the public. By using the library, you agree to follow our lending rules.

If you are affiliated with SLU you do not have to do anything to become a member, you are automatically added as a patron when you are registered as a student or employee. All you have to do is choose a four digit PIN number to use with our self-check machines. You can do this yourself by logging in to your account in our search tool Primo or by visiting a library and let us help you during our staffed opening hours.

If you are not affiliated with the university, you can still get a library account. We will help you set one up if you contact us or visit us during our staffed opening hours. You have to be older than 18 to have a library account.

Your responsibilities as a patron

When you choose to use the library you also agree to our lending rules, and to keep up to date with any changes:

  • When you borrow a book it is your responsibility to keep track of the due date and return the book when it is due.
  • You are responsible for books that you have borrowed until they are returned and checked in.
  • You are not allowed to make notes in library books.
  • The library provides access to databases, e-books and e-journals for non-commercial use.  As a user, you have to follow license agreements and current legislation.

Loan periods

Loan periods vary depending on the type of material you are borrowing. In most cases the loan will be renewed automatically until a maximum loan period is reached, as long as no one else has requested the item.

30 days loan period

You are guaranteed to keep the book for 30 days, and you can continue to keep it for up to 365 days, as long as no other patron has requested the book. If someone else does request the book you will get an email with a new due date.

8 days loan period

Most text books that appear on required reading lists for courses have this shorter loan period. You are guaranteed to keep the book for 8 days and you can continue to keep it for up to 90 days, as long as no other patron has requested the book. If someone else does request the book you will get an email with a new due date.

1 day loan period

This loan period is applied to our reference collection. These loans are to be returned the following working day at 16.00 hrs. If you return late then you will get a fine, SEK 100 per book. These loans cannot be renewed and you cannot borrow them again within a 24 hour period. You also cannot request these items.

Interlibrary loans

For material borrowed from libraries outside SLU the rules of the lending library applies. The standard loan period for interlibrary loans is 30 days, but it can be shorter depending on the lending library. Contact the SLU University Library if you want to renew an interlibrary loan. 

Late returns

You are responsible for returning your loans on time. The library sends out emails and letters in order to help you remember to return your loans.

When the third reminder after the due date is sent, you will be blocked from making any new loans. This block remains until you have returned the book or payed a fee to cover the loss of the book, of minimum SEK 300.

Lost or damaged material

If the material is not returned after several reminders, an invoice will be issued. The charge covers the replacement cost, and the minimum charge is SEK 300. Unpaid invoices are forwarded to debt collecting.

If you damage or lose the material you have borrowed you are liable to pay compensation. The charge covers the price for a new purchase. The value of a book that is not available for purchase is set to SEK 300.

In agreement with the library you can replace the book yourself in order to avoid the fine. 

If you lose a part of a multi-volume work and the part cannot be bought separately you are liable to pay for the replacement of the whole work.

If you lose an interlibrary loan the lending library’s rules will apply. 



Information about loans and requests is protected according to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400).

Processing of personal data

SLU processes personal data  in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.