Digital maps and geodata

SLU students and employees have access to digital maps and geodata from several authorities and historical maps from Lantmäteriet from the 17th century onwards.

Karta över de nordiska länderna

Digital maps and geodata

From the SLU download service GET you can download maps and geodata from several authorities, including Lantmäteriet (the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority), Sjöfartsverket (Swedish Maritime Administration), SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden) and SCB (Statistics Sweden).

Gammal karta med tillhörande text på ett bokuppslag

Historical maps

The Historical Maps service from Lantmäteriet contains more than a million historical maps from the period 1630-1978. Here you can find economic maps, county maps, general maps, parish maps, geometric land registers, land reform maps, and more. 

Enkel världskarta

Other digital map services

MapSearch and place-names from Lantmäteriet
Lantmäteriet's own map service allows you to view maps, aerial photographs and place names. In addition, you can print your own map. It gives you easy access to Lantmäteriet's maps, without having to use GIS software. If you want to publish maps, the same terms applies as when you download maps and data through GET.

The Geodata Portal - metadata catalouge
The Swedish national portal for search and evaluation of public geodata and services. It contains metadata describing dates, linage, rights, point of contact, etc. The portal enables Web Map Services to be previewed, gives access to URL to services for use in your own GIS software and for many datasets access to download services.

OpenStreetMap is a world map based on open data that is free to use as long as you credit OpenStreetMap and its contributors.

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