Style sheets for Zotero and Mendeley

Last changed: 18 October 2017

A style for Zotero was created and updated in 2013. This style is in CSL format and can be used by some other reference management programs as well. No further maintenance of the style is planned. The style contains less reference types than the EndNote style.

Use the style with Zotero 

You can find the style here. Search for Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae. Use Firefox for installing and using the file.

When the style is installed, open Zotero and check the checkbox "Include URLs of paper articles in references" in Styles tab of the Zotero preferences (found under the cog-wheel) for the style to work properly.

Due to some limitations in Zotero its style does not render exactly as the one for EndNote. The limitations are:

1. In Zotero, initials should be spaced in order to be recognized as separate initials. This will eventually be fixed, but for now you have to use "J. D." instead of "J.D.".
2. "et al." in citations is not automatically italicized. Will probably be fixed but it is not known when.
3. Some items don't have the required fields. E.g. thesis needs an ISBN field, report needs ISSN, and for a map the "scale" field is not connected to the "CSL map" field. It is not known when this can be fixed.

Use the style with other reference management programs

Go to the page CSL  to see if your reference management program works with CSL files. The style Acta Universitatis agriculturae Sueciae is found  in their database. Read in the documentation of your program how to install and use the style.

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