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Last changed: 07 December 2018
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What are the rules when using parts of a map in your work?

Using maps

Maps are protected by copyright just like any other image. That means you have to obtain permission from the copyright holder to use a map in your work. But this protection does NOT apply to the information in map, for instance, roads, buildings, water lines, etc., which means you can actually draw your own map based on elements in an existing map without permission.

SLU has an agreement with the Swedish Land Survey (Lantmäteriet) that provides students and employees at SLU the right to use their digital maps, both current and historical, in their papers and reports. If you use a map or geodata that is protected by copyright from the Swedish Land Survey, SGU, SCB or the Swedish Maritime Administration, include the following text in your work:

Data source/map name © Admininstrative authority

A couple of examples:
GSD-Ortofoto, 1m färg © Lantmäteriet
Tätorter © Statistiska centralbyrån
Jordarter 1:25 000-1:100 0000 © Sveriges geologiska undersökning

The information should be included in the figure or in the caption, or if you use many figures, in a prominent place in the publication.
Read more about writing references and copyright for digital maps in these recommendations (in swedish).

Please keep in mind that different rules may apply for other producers, so it's important to always check these before using a map or geodata. You'll find terms and conditions regarding data from administrative authorities in Geodataportalen by clicking on metadata (the symbol that looks like a star) and then choose the tab "Restrictions"

Digital maps and geodata

SLU students and employees have access to digital maps and geodata from several authorities and historical maps from Lantmäteriet from the 17th century onwards.

Here you can search and download digital maps and geodata

If you use digital maps from Eniro
You must refer to Eniro as the source and give the direct link to the map in your reference connected to the image. If the map in Eniro comes from Lantmäteriet, this should also be stated, either in connection with the image or in the reference list.


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