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Last changed: 07 August 2018

Using film in education is a growing concept area. The Division of Educational Affairs and the SLU Library have worked in the field for some time and we are getting more and more questions from teachers on how to use film in their teaching.

Why a resource about using film in your teaching?

There are several arguments for the need and benefits of a resource for teachers on how to use film in teaching:

  • The concept of the enhanced meaning of text (meaning that picture, sound and film are equal to text and speech) seems more relevant today, with society's emphasis on media. By viewing and using different learning styles, we promote equal education: we all learn in different ways.
  • The concept of Flipped Classroom has taken leaps in education and is a great way to make teaching more effective. Concretely, this means that students are given a task to prepare (for example, watch a movie clip or read a chapter) before a lecture, and time can then be used for questions and discussions around the topic. It is a good tool in so-called blended learning.

Because SLU is a dispersed organization it can be a good idea to use film as a learning resource and share material in a good way.

With this as a background, we sought and received educational development funds to inspire and give you, teachers at SLU, the knowledge to work with film. This is the outcome of the project. We hope you will be inspired and discover smart tools that you may find useful in your teaching and also will have a good time while doing it!

How do the modules work?

The resource is web-based and based on independent study. It is divided into three modules that consists of:

1. Pedagogical thoughts and concepts that frame films for education
2. Practical tools for recording and editing films
3. Copyright aspects regarding film

Each module begins with a brief introduction of the module. You can jump freely between the modules' content depending on what you want to learn more about.

How much support can I get?

When it comes to tools for recording videos, these have often already good instructions and explanatory films that it is a good idea to look at in the first place. Each module has responsible resource persons, they have written the information,  you can ask them questions related to the module.

If you  want to make a more advanced film you can contact Educational Media at SLU.
Educational Media does reportage filming and educational films on Ultuna Campus and on SLU:s other locations.

What equipment do I need?

You can use many different tools to record movies and what suits you best depends on the type of film you're making.
It is easy to make a movie with a mobile phone. You may need a tripod to make the recording stable. Do you have a tablet, there are many good and easy apps for recording and editing with great results.
If you want to make a screen recording with your computer, it's good to have a headset with built-in microphone to your computer, beacuse the audio quality is not so good. Do you want to be visible in the video during recording you also need a webcam.

To sum up, you do not really need so much equipment to get started. You can start with computer + headset and a webcam or your phone or tablet.

What is the cost?

A headset and a webcam cost a few hundred SEK and can be ordered through IT. Most of the tools we mention are free but Camtasia (mentioned under screen recording and editing tool) requires a license which costs about 2000 SEK. The app iMovie (mentioned under the editing tools ) costs about 50 SEK.
Right now most of the apps in this resource are free, but that can of course change in the future.
A so-called gorilla tripod for mobile phone costs about 300 SEK.


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