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Last changed: 07 August 2018

There are many editing tools for videos, depending on which device you use, and here we mention some of them.

iMovie (iOS)

iMovie is available as an app for iPad and iPhone and can be downloaded to Mac computers. The app costs 50 sek to download.
With the iMovie app you can create and edit movies directly in your iPad. The simplicity is iMovie's strenght, there is no need for extra cables, camera or other equipment.

You can either make a new recording directly in iMovie or upload a video that you already have. You drop the video clips you want to work with on a time line and then you can drag them around or crop, add text or sound.

It is also easy to use iMovie together with other apps to improve photo quality.

Here is a guide from iOS about the many functions in iMovie

iMovie-The Basics

Watch this film about the basics of editing a film on the iPad or iPhone. The film is produced by Zollotech.

Movie Maker (Windows)

If you have recorded a video with your phone or a video camera you can edit that film with the free software Windows Movie Maker (for PC). With Movie Maker it's among other things possible to cut in your video, movie parts and add text and sound. On YouTube you can find many tutorials on what you can do with Movie Maker.

Here you can download Movie Maker.

Examples of other video editing tools for Windows


We wrote about Camtasia under the part about Screencasting tools. Camtasia is a screen recorder tool but also a video editor. You can for instance cut out parts and add new cuts. It is also possible to edit videos recorded in Screencastomatic in Camtasia.

Read more about Camtasia here

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