Finding photos, videos and sound

Last changed: 07 August 2018

You would like to have a photo or video for your lecture - but where do you find materials with Creative Commons license ? Here are examples of good sites where you can easily find the materials you may use without asking the author 's permission.

Finding and using Creative Commons images

Watch this film on how to find images using CC Search. The film is produced by Open NetworkedLearning.

Good sites for finding photos and videos

CC Search: Creative Commons have a website where you can search at different sites depending of what kind of media you want. 

Flickr: A searchengine for photos where you can both upload your own and find other people's photos. You can choose to search for Creative Commons-licensed material and there is a great variety to choose from. A big advantage is that it is clear what the CC license for the photo is and it's a good search engine to begin searching with .

Google: With the search option "Images" you can search for Creative Commons - licensed material. Enter your search and then select "Search Tools". There you can under "Usage Rights" select the license you want for the image. Remember to check carefully where the images come from and that they are ok to use, because Google collects search results from different sites.

YouTube: A searchengine for videos where you can both upload your own and find other videos. Enter your search and then select under "Filters" the option "Creative Commons" - then you will get the videos that have received a Creative Commons license. Remember to still check carefully the clip, that it does not contain any material (eg music, video) that needs copyright.

Wikimedia Commons: A media library and database for free images, videos, music and audio files. Contains only materials with free license and above all the Creative Commons-licensed material. You can search both materials and upload your own material.

Pixabay: A website where users can upload photos and videos without copyright. The material can be used free of charge and you do not have to specify a license. The license for all material on the website is Creative Commons 0 ( CC0 ) which means that the creator does not need to be specified.

Good sites for finding sound with Creative Commons-license

Jamendo: Website with free music for private use, additional cost for public use

dig.ccMixter: Archive of free music and with CC licenses

ccMixter: Archive with remixed music, all with CC licenses


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