Interactive film

Last changed: 07 August 2018
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To turn your video into an engaging student activity you can use a tool that transform videos to interactive learning objects. Making use of interactivity promotes effective learning and it will also be fun for the students.


With Hihaho you can add effects to existing online videos published on YouTube or Vimeo. In Hihaho you can enrich your video with quizz questions, images, text or links.
Take a look here at a short introduction video from Hihaho

If you use videos that other persons have made, be sure to check that they have a Creative Commons license that allows adaptations. Read more about Creative Commons in module 3.

With Hihaho you don't make changes in the original video. You just add an extra layer with different effects into the video. The new interactive video is saved on Hihaho and you can share the link with your students or embed it in Fronter.

You need to create an account in Hihaho to start. With the free account (under a free trial period you can try this tool) the videos you make will have the Hihaho logo.

Here is an example of a test video we made with Hihaho
Remember to click in order to proceed in the film and the interactive effects ends after appr. 50 sec



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