Last changed: 29 November 2018
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SLU has a campus license for EndNote and SLU-library  can assist you with support on this system.


SLU has a campus license for EndNote and SLU’s IT support can assist you with the installation of the program on your computer. There is also a free web-based version of EndNote called Endnote Web. EndNote Web is an integrated part of database portal Web of Knowledge, which makes it very simple for WOK users to save references in their EndNote library. Here you'll find an extensive help page for Endnote Web. 

How you install and get started with EndNote

Here the SLU-library have collected some guides on how you install and get started with EndNote:

Output styles for EndNote

With SLU:s output styles for EndNote you can easily format your reference list according to SLU:s standard for dissertations and thesis.

Here you can download and install the SLU output styles for EndNote.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers about EndNote

We have collected the most frequently asked questions about EndNote. If you don't find your question below, please contact the library.

Here you find FAQ about EndNote.


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