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Symposium: Networked Silences

Published: 07 June 2022
Jet contrails.

The Mistra Environmental Communication program arranges a symposium about missing environmental communication on algorithmic platforms.

This symposium and workshop concerns how algorithmic platforms (e.g. social media, search engines, recommender systems), people, and organisations co-produce discourses, practices, and communicative norms that implicitly or explicitly obscure issues, eclipse certain practices, and/or generate ignorances and doubt around environmental concerns. We propose to call these networked silences. Underlying this is the recognition that algorithms necessarily favour certain perspectives over others, which in turn has implications for which environmental issues receive greater attention and which receive less, including in public debate.

The symposium has a page where you can read more and register your participation: Networked Silences.

For this symposium and workshop we gather researchers, public sector, and civil society from across Sweden. It is held in English and Swedish.