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New toolbox for sustainability work in museums

Published: 13 April 2022
Three people are sitting on a bench with their backs to the camera. They are looking at a wall filled with portraits of different people. Photo.

A new project develops improved tools for museums working with sustainability issues.

Six workshops will be organized with strategic reserve funds from the Mistra Environmental Communications project. Representatives of museums, researchers in the project, philosophers, artists, climate psychologists and others are invited. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of different museums, for example art museums, history and ethnography museums and museums for the natural sciences.

The goal is to gather experiences and perspectives for a down-to-earth but capacious toolbox. When working with climate and sustainability issues, museums can use the toolbox in their capacities as public spaces. Work on environment issues is thereby extended beyond the internal efforts of museums to become sustainable. The toolbox is to be made available for all museums in Sweden.

Projektet finansieras av den strategiska reserven. Detta är en summa pengar som har avsatts för att stödja aktiviteter som går utöver det nuvarande programmets arbete och som utökar och/eller förstärker programmet på strategiska och innovativa sätt. Läs mer om den strategiska reserven (på engelska)