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Panel discussions available from the Environmental Communication Days 2020 with English subtitles

Published: 26 February 2021
Red background with text in Swedish. Environmental Communication Days 2020

If you missed the Environmental communication Days 2020, you now have the chance to see recordings of two of the panel discussions. The panel discussions were held in Swedish, but English subtitles are available.

In November, it was the first time that Mistra Environmental Communication organized the Environmental Communication Days. The digital event were much appreciated with a packed program with workshops, seminars, talks and panel discussions.

Two of the program items that were particularly appreciated were the panel discussions "How do we create change through communication?" and "Communicating sustainability". These discussions were recorded and are now available on Mistra Environmental Communication's Youtube channel.

Hope or despair?

After Stina Powell (SLU) welcomes us the first discussion starts. The panel consisting of Erika Bjerström (climate correspondent SVT and writer of the book "Klimatkrisens Sverige"), Kajsa Kramming (cultural geographer at Uppsala University) and Lars Hallgren (senior lecturer in environmental communication SLU and leader of WP 2), discusses questions about communication for change. Based on their professional experiences, they reason, among other things, about whether we should communicate hope or despair regarding the climate crisis. From a local or global perspective? There is also a discussion about the individual's role in change, which they all agree must be problematized.

– I think that many environmental organizations have pushed for a kind of privatization of the climate crisis where the focus is on the steak, the car and air travel. It is simple because it is very concrete, but we also know that it is not what will solve the climate crisis (our translation), Erika Bjerström explains.

Screenshot with startpage from ed startbild powerpoint presentation with the title of the talk in Swedish.

Stina Powell, Lars Hallgren, Kajsa Kramming and Erika Bjerström. 


Communication as a tool for sustainability

The second panel, led by Eva Friman and Hanna Bergeå (Mistra Environmental Communication), includes Berit Oscarsson (Communications Manager at Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and Chairman of the Program Board for Mistra Environmental Communication), Maria Brogren (Head of Sustainability and Innovation at WSP Sweden) and Gunnar Gidefeldt (Communications Manager at LRF, The Federation of Swedish Farmers). With their different experiences, they share their views on communication and how they use communication as a tool for sustainability. They realize that there are both differences and many similarities between the different organizations. Working with anchoring through conversation and dialogue was something that united the panel.

– I think it is super interesting what roles we should take and what systems we should find. We have different systems, but this is one of the things that simply needs to get better (our translation), says Berit Oscarsson.

Screenshot from computer where five people discussing how to communicate for sustainability

Berit Oscarsson, Maria Brogren, Hanna Bergeå, Gunnar Gidefeldt, Eva Friman. 


To hear more of the discussions visit Youtube channel.


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