Arrange a NOVA course

Last changed: 05 April 2023

All NOVA courses are arranged locally by each member university. Teachers who would like to arrange a NOVA course should consult the local regulations or focal points, please see below. Funds for teacher mobility can be supported through Erasmus+ or Nordplus, if courses do not have budget for incoming teachers. The local NOVA coordinators may advise on how to apply for this.

According to the NOVA agreement, a course shall have the following characteristics:

- PhD students or specialising post graduate veterinarians from NOVA members are part of the target group.

- The main teachers should be experts in their fields and at least one of them must be employed by the host university.

- The host university guarantees the quality of the course by following their internal requirements for PhD-level or post-graduate veterinarian specialisation courses. The course quality can be subject to follow-up from web-based student evaluations using a NOVA template.

- It is desirable that the course is planned and executed in collaboration between teachers from the host university and other universities, preferably another NOVA member.

- The pedagogic approach builds upon active participation and engagement by all teachers and students during the course. Commonly, the courses contain a classroom/field/lab module combined with distance education modules, but courses can also be completely online.

- If the number of seats is limited, visiting students from other NOVA members should be given priority to at least 25% of the seats, if possible.

- NOVA students do not pay course fees. The hosting university is not obliged to cover expenses for accommodation, food, student travelling and similar expenses.