Genomics-based breeding for sustainable disease resistance practical information

Last changed: 11 November 2021

Course schedule outline

The course will start with arrival and dinner on Sunday 23 January , and the teaching will start Monday morning. Every day there will be a 3-hour lunch break with possibilities for outdoor activities including cross-country skiing. The course will end in the afternoon on Friday 28 January .

The teaching will be a mix of lectures given by teachers and presentations made by students on assigned topics. Each student should prepare a 20-minute lecture on the basis of current literature on their given topic.  Each student should also make poster presentation of their own research project. More details about the home assignment later in this document. Active participation during the whole course week is expected.

1. Venue and hotel booking

The course will be held at “Trolltun Gjestegård”, which is located in Dombås, Norway. You can find some information about the place here: (in Norwegian only) (some information in English here)

We have got a good price, which is 1395 NOK per person per day in single room, including breakfast, warm lunch and dinner every day. For shared double rooms, there the price will likely be a little bit cheaper.

We will organize a common room reservation for all course participants, but students have to pay directly to the hotel at checkout.

2. Travel information (just for information – please do not book any tickets before you have formally been admitted to the course)

The easiest way to get to Dombås is by train. The regional trains between Oslo and Trondheim make stops both at Oslo airport Gardermoen and Dombås and the travel time is about 3.5 hours each way. There are not many trains per day, so it is a good idea to look at the train schedule before booking your flights.

The preferred train for the arrival on Sunday 23 January is leaving the airport at 14:29 and arriving Dombås at 18:10

For departure on Friday 28 January, the preferred train leaves Dombås at 16:04, arriving the airport at 19:47

You can check other train schedules at the SJ NORD web page here:

(chose “Oslo Lufthavn” for departure and “Dombås” for arrival)

Local taxi transportation between Dombås train station and the hotel will be arranged for the course participants.

3. Home work 1 – prepare a lecture on a given topic

An important part of the NOVA courses in plant breeding has always been lectures given by the students. Each student will be assigned a lecture topic covering one of the themes of the course. In early December, you will receive the assignment, which will be based on 2-3 research papers that you have to read and then use as a basis for a 20-minute lecture to be given during the course week. You will also be asked to provide an abstract of the lecture to be included in the course compendium.

4. Home work 2 – poster presentation

You will also be asked to bring a poster for presenting your research project during the student poster session. For that we need a short summary (half page) to be included in the course compendium.