High throughput field phenotyping, 5 ECTS

Last changed: 02 June 2022

Time: July 4 – July 8, 2022 Location: Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås, Norway

Course Description
This course aims to introduce the emerging research fields of high throughput plant phenotyping, with a focus on field phenotyping methodologies and related data analysis. During the course week, hands-on training will be provided in the use of hand-held sensors and multispectral and RGB imaging using drones and a field phenotyping robot. Practical training will also be provided in standard data analysis approaches for field phenotyping data with relevance for plant breeding and agronomy research. Other aspects of plant phenotyping will be covered by lectures and journal club assignments.

Teaching methods:

Lectures, hands-on practical workshops on data gathering and data analysis, journal club, home-assignments.

Home assignments:

Students will earn their credits by reviewing and presenting a paper for the journal club, through active participation during the course week and submission of learning diaries and a data analysis report after the course week.

Prerequisite knowledge

The course is intended for PhD students with basic knowledge of crop science, plant breeding or other relevant fields of plant science. Students with plant phenotyping related research in their PhD project will get priority. If place allows, master students with relevant thesis research will also be admitted.

Time: July 4 – July 8, 2022

Place: Norwegian University of Life Sciences (NMBU), Ås, Norway.


Registration deadline: 10 June, 2022. There are only 24 places available and PhD students with relevant thesis topics will be prioritized.