Quantitative genetics, 6 ECTS

Last changed: 25 October 2021

7 April - 18 June 2021.

The course is aimed for the post-graduate students with an interest in quantitative genetics, animal or plant breeding or other related discipline. This course is primarily for the PhD students but some motivated MSc can be accepted as well.

This course is given on-line through ZOOM in spring 2021. The course is based on the book “Quantitative Genetics” by Caballero, 2020 Cambridge University Press. The course mainly uses self- studying with weekly seminars, tutoring sessions and on-line exams. Each week one chapter of the book is covered. There will be also visiting seminars related to current topics in quantitative genetics. Responsible teachers are professors Pekka Uimari (UH, Finland), Peer Berg (NMBU, Norway), and Dirk-Jan de Koning (SLU, Sweden).

One chapter of the book will be covered per week starting from chapter 1 on April 7th. Each Wednesday a seminar + tutoring session with ZOOM from 1-3 pm (Finnish time) and every Thursday a short Moodle exam related to studied chapter. Visiting lectures will be announced later.

After the course the student will have deep understanding on quantitative genetics that she/he can apply in her/his own research. An example of topics covered is: Continuous Variation, Forces of Change in the Allele Frequencies, Components of Phenotypic Values and Variances, Inbreeding and Coancestry, Effective Population Size, Estimation of Genetic Values, Variances and Covariances, Mutation, Consequences of Inbreeding, Artificial Selection, Natural Selection.

In case of more applications than 15 (or 20) we will keep the right not to accept all applicants.

There is no course fee for PhD or MSc student enrolled at any of the NOVA or BOVA universities. For non-NOVA and non-BOVA students, course fee is EUR 200.

  • Time: 2021-04-07 - 2021-06-18
  • Location: Online via Zoom