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Last changed: 05 September 2017

At SLU Holding we view the innovation process as a journey. On the way, we will help you with support from early concept to finished product or service.

Our task is, primarily with researchers and students at SLU, to create sustainable growth and development in society. In addition, we can initially help those who do not work at SLU, but have an idea related to the green industry.

We are experts at making your idea or research benefit society as a product, service or social innovation.

We back you up by:

  • Identify the market
  • Develop the idea and concept
  • Business Development
  • Write contracts
  • Share our business networks with you
  • Assist in matters of patent / copyright
  • Invest and help raise money for authentication

If you do not want to drive the business development yourself, but still want your idea to reach the market, we have developed the concept Green Prospects. It means that we take the financial risk of the innovation development, and that the project is run by one of our experienced business developer.

Innovations for a greener world

SLU's research spans from the large to the small; from climate change and rural development to genomics and biotechnology. Many innovations and startups originate from SLU Holding. Examples of innovations from SLU are BioGaia that sells probiotic products with documented health benefits, Blomstra - Sweden's most sold plant nutrients, Conniflex that protecting seedlings against insect pests in an efficient and environmentally friendly way and OrganoClick that use environmental friendly fiber chemistry to market water repellent fabric treatments as well as wood protected against fire and rot.


Urban Eriksson, CEO
SLU Holding
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