Your Innovation Partner

SLU Holding works with University researchers who want to commercialise their IP and bring their knowledge to the market.

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Each year, researchers at SLU produce research results that can improve life quality and provide increased growth around the world.

While you are an expert in your scientific area, the team at SLU Holding are experts in business strategy.

The combination of the two creates a unique opportunity to make a difference, to impact society, improve the environment and the welfare of the public.

Our business advisors have extensive experience in both research and industry. We identify innovation possibilities and guide you through the process of reaching an international market.

Our services are confidential and we offer free guidance on all of SLU's main campuses.

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How may we support you?

Do you know about the Teacher’s exemption?

As a researcher employed by a Swedish university you own the rights to your own inventions.

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