Innovation financing

Last changed: 05 September 2017

Ideas and business concepts that are in an early stage of development often need seed capital to patent applications and verifications. We help you find fundingthat matches your needs.

VFT - Verifiering för tillväxt.

Through the programme Verifiering för tillväxt (Verification for growth) SLU Holding have the possibility to finance market reseach or commercial and technical verifications.

Read more about VFT.

Green Prospects

Do you have great ideas, but no time for running a business? Within the Green Prospect program, SLU Holding take care of the complete innovation process from idea to launch.

Read more about Green Prospects.

Seed Capital

In more mature development projects that have formed a company or are about to, SLU Holding can make direct investments.

We take an active shareholder part in each investment, which in addition to capital investment also results in an addition of expertise.

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