Innovation support

Last changed: 05 September 2017

With your scientific knowledge and our completing competence we can make a difference together.

SLU Holding assist you on the journey from idea to finished product. Our senior business advisors will help you to formulate and develop the commercial potential of your ideas

Over the years SLU Holding has accumulated valuable experience in making original ideas develop into sustainable international companies.

The Innovation Process

The innovation process is knowledge intensive and our business advisors have extensive experience in both research and industry. SLU Holding knows how to proceed and are using proven tools and structures.

Agreements assistance

When you initiate a partnerships with companies or other external parties, it is important to have an agreement that clearly identifies the rights and obligations that you and your partner have to each other.

The agreements can for exemple regulate when you have the opportunity to publish your results, and who owns the rights to them. Through the Swedish "lärarundantaget",  researchers and PhD students at a Swedish university owns the right to their research. However, you have the option to negotiate away that right. 

Our senior business consultants have extensive experience in both academia and industry, and will be happy to review agreements so that it is both accurate and beneficial to you.

We maintain confidentiality and our service is free.

Business development

Do you have a business idea? SLU Holding will help you evaluate the commercial potential of the idea.

Together we develop and refine your ideas to make them attractive to the market. We develop a strategy, investigate the best way to protect your idea (through e.g. patents), develop a business plan and analyze the market as well as potential competitors.

We us the Business Model Canvas. Find out more about the strategic management and entrepreneurial tool (external link).

IPR, patents and licences

Intellectual properties (IP) are creations, ideas, knowledge and information. For example the outcomes of your research.

Intellectual property rights (IPR) protect the owners of the IP from others to use the knowledge for commercial purposes.

IPR can be subdivided into patents, copyright, design and trademarks.

What is intellectual property?

Financing of Innovation

Ideas and business concepts that are in an early stage of development often need funding to patent applications and verifications. We help you find funding that matches your needs.

In more mature development projects that have formed a company or are about to, we can make direct investments. We take an active shareholder part in each investment, which in addition to capital investment also results in an addition of expertise.

Learn more about SLU Holding´s funding opportunities.

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