WP3 - The digitalization of the livestock sector

Last changed: 11 November 2022
Air photo showing digital fencing.

The digitalisation of the agricultural sector is currently ongoing, but there is still great potential for further developments. The purpose of WP3 is to improve the sustainability and competitiveness of Swedish food production through the use of digitisation, with a focus on the role of production animal.

In this project, we investigate new digital tools that can contribute to the improvement of production and sustainability, where biodiversity is an important component. In a doctoral project, we are currently investigating the possibility of using more flexible alternatives to electric fencing when keeping cows on pasture. It would open up new opportunities if we could have the animals on more inaccessible lands and thus helping increase the biological diversity in the landscape.

An important task for WP3 is to increase the knowledge surrounding digital tools among both researchers and those who can use them in practice. To achieve this, we will arrange seminars and workshops on existing tools and new opportunities in the future.


Leaders of WP 3 - Digitalisation of the agricultural sector

Anna Rydberg, RISE, anna.rydberg@ri.se

Lars Rönnegård, Högskolan Dalarna, lrn@du.se