Last changed: 01 March 2018

Swedish LifeWatch is mainly funded by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet).

In 2009, Swedish Research Council (SRC) granted financial support of 36 mSEK (roughly 4 M Euro) for the period 2010‒2014 for the construction of a Swedish LifeWatch e-infrastructure. The consortium parties together co-finance the SLW construction with 11.5 mSEK during the construction period. In addition, funding for the Species Observations System, an important part of SLW, is provided by the Swedish Nature Conservation Agency.

The Swedish Research Council decided in 2014 to review the funding model for national research infrastructures. During the review process, no open calls were made for long-term financing of national infrastructures. Swedish LifeWatch will thus apply for new funding in 2015 instead of 2014, but meanwhile SRC granted continued funding for 2015 and a one year extension of the existing contract.

An application for a new 8 year period will be submitted to SRC in 2015.


Holger Dettki, Assoc. Prof.
Managing Director and System Manager Swedish LifeWatch
Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU, +46 73 048 7872