Available data

Last changed: 14 March 2022

Geographical region

Information about different types of regions in Sweden. For example enumeration of provinces, counties and municipalities.

Geographical regions are provided by the web service GeoReferenceService.


Information about references. Current reference handling has no connection to other reference handling systems.

References are handled by the web service ReferenceService.

Species observations

Observations of species in nature. Several of the participants in Swedish LifeWatch will provide species observations in the future.

Species observations are provided by the web service SwedishSpeciesObservationService.

Taxon attribute

Taxon attributes are facts related to species (or more precisely taxa) that are stored in a database. For example most of the information about red-listed species in Sweden are stored as species facts.

Taxon attributes are handled by the web service TaxonAttributeService.


Taxonomy is the foundation when attaching data to species.

Taxonomy is provided by the web service TaxonService and managed by the web application Dyntaxa.


Björn Karlsson, System developer
The Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU
bjorn.karlsson@slu.se, 018-672679