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Please help us to provide you with a biodiversity data portal matching your needs!

Published: 16 May 2019

We are conducting a survey to find out how you use the Analysis Portal to access, explore and analyse biodiversity data provided through the Swedish LifeWatch e-infrastructure.

The Swedish Research Council (VR) has funded Swedish LifeWatch SLW and the Analysis Portal since 2010.  In 2018 SLW was tasked by VR to discontinue the Analysis Portal in a couple of years and move the Analysis Portal functionality to a new biodiversity data portal to simplify international cooperation. The new biodiversity data portal will be operated by the new joint Swedish Biodiversity data Infrastructure (SBDI), which will be formed by the merging of Swedish LifeWatch (SLW) and Biodiversity Atlas Sweden (BAS). 

We now wish to take advantage of your experiences and preferences as users of the Analysis Portal to know how we can continue to provide you with a tool that fulfils your needs to search for, visualise, analyse and retrieve biodiversity data. 

We hope that you want to participate in the survey and help us by sharing your experiences about the tools you use or deem useful.

Get to the survey here.



Debora Arlt, support and training Analysis Portal and WRAM
Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU

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