LifeWatch Summary Report 2010-2016

Last changed: 15 August 2017

Swedish LifeWatch has from its start in 2010 successfully developed an e-Infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research. This comprehensive report summarises what Swedish LifeWatch has achieved so far.

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The overarching mission of Swedish LifeWatch (SLW) is to make all Swedish biodiversity data openly available in standardised formats through interoperable web services, and to develop tools and virtual laboratories for advanced biodiversity and ecosystem analysis. 

Swedish LifeWatch has successfully achieved all this, and currently provides some 70 million Swedish species observation records relating to 35,000 different species from 15 primary databases. All data can be accessed, visualised and analysed in the Analysis Portal for Biodiversity Data. Datasets of interest can be assembled using sophisticated filtering tools (selecting taxonomically, spatially, temporally, or by accuracy, traits, Red List status and other attributes) and combined with environmental and climatic data from a wide range of providers. Results can be analysed and downloaded as refined data or maps, tables, diagrams and reports.

This report summarises the achievements of Swedish LifeWatch; data content, tools and services, international collaboration, pilot studies and practical applications from the very beginning in 2010 to Dec 2016. 

The report is also avaible in print, please contact for your own copy.


In 2010, the Swedish Research Council (VR) commissioned the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) to lead the design of an infrastructure for biodiversity and ecosystem research. An agreement was signed on 1 June 2011 between SLU, the University of Gothenburg, Lund University, Umeå University, the Swedish Museum of Natural History and the Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute (SMHI) concerning formation of the Swedish LifeWatch consortium, led by a managing director at the Swedish Species Information Centre (ArtDatabanken, SLU) and an external and impartial Board. 

 The development of new services continues and a new proposal to the Swedish Research Council for support 2018-2020 was submitted in March 2017. 


Anna Maria Wremp, 
Communications Officer Swedish LifeWatch
Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU, +46 18-671394