Biodiversity informatics symposium - presentations

Last changed: 17 March 2017

Swedish LifeWatch, GBIF Sweden and Department of Ecology at SLU co-arranged a biodiversity informatics symposium 6 Feb 2017, as a satellite symposium for the Oikos meeting at Lund University.

The symposium, titled "Sharing Biodiversity data for re-use: Informatic tools and processes in Ecology", joined together ca. 60 participants.

Presentations from the symposium:

  • Donald Hobern, Global Biodiversity Facility (GBIF). 
    Global Biodiversity Information Outlook: Where do we stand?
    Abstract ● Presentation
  • Ulf Gärdenfors, ArtDatabanken SLU. 
    Swedish LifeWatch - An e-infrastructure for biodversity research. Abstract ● Presentation

  • Anders Telenius, NRM Museum of Natural History. GBIF-Sweden as a Partner in the Global Giodiversity Informatics Community 

  • Nick Isaac, The Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), UK.
    Extracting time series from occurrence records. 
    Abstract ● Presentation

  • Dawn Field (University of Gothenburg)
    Simulating social-ecological systems with Digital Ecosystem Avatars
    Abstract ● Presentation

  • Matthias Obst (University of Gothenburg). 
    Calculating Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBV) for species population abundance – a case study from plankton monitoring data in the Baltic Sea. Abstract ● Presentation

  • Alejandro Ruete (Dept of Ecology, SLU and Greensway AB). 
    Ignorance Scores for Primary Biodiversity Data. 
    Abstract ● Presentation

  • Alexander Zizka (University of Gothenburg). 
    speciesgeocodeR and sampbias: new tools for detecting erroneous coordinates and accessibility bias in biological collection data. Abstract

  • Åke Lindström (Lund University). 
    The Swedish Bird Survey – large-scale systematic citizen science biodiversity data (to be re-used). Abstract ● Presentation


  • Kjell Bolmgren (SLU). A European phenological database, PEP725. Abstract

  • Anna-Lena Axelsson and Neil Cory (SLU). 
    Aggregated data, maps and microdata from the Swedish National Forest Inventory. Abstract

  • Holger Dettki (SLU). Accessing and Analyzing Biodiversity Data through the Swedish LifeWatch e-infrastructure: The Analysis Portal for Biodiversity Data ( Abstract

  • David Martin (CSIRO). Open Source techniques in support of Biodiversity Data: Examples from the Atlas of Living Australia

  • Bengt Karlson (SMHI). Components of a microalgae information system - Nordic Microalgae, Swedish Oceanographic Data Centre and Plankton Toolbox. Abstract 

  • Markus Skyttner (Swedish Museum of Natural History). R for computation and biodiversity analysis: Mirroreum and EU BON R packages. ● Presentation

  • Anders Telenius (NRM Museum of Natural History). 

  • Timothy Giles (SLU). Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring (WRAM): The national Swedish biotelemetry database e-infrastructure for sensor data from fish and wildlife. Abstract

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