Advances in Enzyme Regulation (5 HEC)

Last changed: 22 August 2018

The course will focus on recent advances in chemical biology, with emphasis on enzyme regulation. You will learn about drug design and high-throughput screening, single-molecule imaging and cryo-electron microscopy, guided nanomolecular assemblies and enzyme engineering, N-terminomics and discovery of intrinsically disordered proteins. The program includes two modules: lectures on above topics delivered by world leading experts and training in writing research proposals.

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Alexey Amunts

Stockholm University

Elias Arnér

Karolinska Institutet

Stina Berglund

Umeå University

Jens Carlsson

Uppsala University

Sebastian Deindl

Uppsala University

Mikael Elofsson

Umeå University

Christiane Funk

Umeå University

Kris Gevaert

Ghent University

Panagiotis Moschou


Jerry Ståhlberg


Vladimir Uversky

University of South Florida

Contact, 018-672005, 018-673228

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