Audhumbla och via video till Umeå, Skara och Alnarp, Uppsala

Organic Food and Farming – Societal Benefits Today and Tomorrow

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Welcome to a seminar about the future of organic farming in Sweden starting with a lecture by Niels Halberg director of ICROFS (International Centre for Research on Organic Food Systems) in Denmark. He will present a Danish knowledge synthesis from 2015 on the contribution of organic agriculture to public goods and on the potential and limitations for stronger contribution to future challenges in our food systems. SLU employees, students as well as participants from outside SLU are most welcome.

With the lecture by Niels Halberg as starting-point the discussion continues with contribution from researchers at SLU.

  • How do I see the future for organic production?
  • What are the main challenges for sustainable organic production?
  • How can research contribute to increased sustainability in organic food and farming systems?
  • Are changes needed in regulations and certification schemes?

Elin Röös, SLU, will moderate a discussion with the audience and a panel: Niels Halberg, ICROFS, Göran Bergkvist, Erik Steen Jensen, Carl-Johan Lagerkvist, Pernilla Tidåker and Anna Wallenbeck from SLU.

The seminar is an activity within the EPOK initiative Organic 3.0 on possible and necessary future steps for a more sustainable organic production.

Niels Halberg, director at ICROFS: 12:00–13:00

Panel with SLU researchers: 13:15–15:00

Place: Audhumbla, Veterinärmedicinskt och husdjursvetenskapligt centrum, Ultuna, videolink Articum Spiltan in Alnarp, Nonnenrummet in Skara and HollyWood in Umeå.

The seminar could also be followed by streaming >

Registration at the latest: 27 February 2017 through the link on this page.

Lunch: 11:30. Sandwich and coffee at all locations (without charge)

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Sidansvarig: janne.nordlund.othen@slu.se