Tanngrisner, VHC, Ultuna

Genetics, diversity and livestock production

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In connection with Maximillian Manzi’s PhD defense on December 7th, 9.15, in sal L, i Undervisningshuset, the day before, on Thursday December 6th at 13.00-16.30 we will have an interesting seminar on “Genetics, diversity and livestock production – with a focus on developing countries”.

You are all most welcome.

Tid: 2018-12-06 13:00
Ort: Ultuna
Lokal: Tanngrisner, VHC
Arrangör: HGEN

13.00-13.10     Introduction (Erling Strandberg)

13.10-13.40     Prof Geoff Simm: Thought for food: Food for thought?

13.40-14.10     Prof Hans Sölkner: Community-based breeding programs: successes and failures

14.10-14.30     Coffee

14.30-15.00     Dr Azage Tegegne Wolde: Dairy cattle research and development in Ethiopia focusing on smallholder farmers

15.00-15.30     Dr Getinet Mekuriaw Tarekegn: Genetic diversity and connectedness among small ruminant populations in Africa

15.30-16.00     MSc Gabriela Bottani Claros: Genetic diversity and connectedness among Creole cattle in Bolivia

16.00-16.30     MSc Maulik Upadhyay: Genomic admixture and variations in European cattle breeds

Sidansvarig: Andrus.Kangro@slu.se