Crafoordsalen, Alnarp

Working together for sustainable solutions in field crops and forests: plant breeding, plant protection and cropping system aspects on perennial plants

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Preliminary schedule:

Day 1:

12.00 Meeting for lunch
13.00 Introductory inspirational talks by Malin Elfstrand, Johan Stenberg and Göran Bergkvist
14.00 Study visits – Cropping systems, plant breeding & plant protection in new perennial field crops & fika
16.00 Short presentations of the participants
16.30 Group discussion to collect research ideas on cropping systems design/assessment, plant breeding and plant protection regarding perennial field crops and trees:

Systems design and assessment of perennial plants for multifunctionality of arable cropping systems

  • Which services and disservices to expect from integrating perennial field crops and trees/bushes into arable cropping systems?
  • How to assess multiple services?

Plant breeding for cropping systems with perennial crops

  • Which traits will be important to breed for in future cropping systems involving perennial crops?
  • How can we use defence reactions in trees and field crops to improve their resistance?
  • How should we develop the cultivation systems to best make use of resistance traits?

Genetic aspects contrasting annual/biennial and perennial crops

  • How to best develop markers for perennial field crops and woody perennials such as Norway spruce?
  • How can we best set up phenotyping systems for annual and perennial plants?

18.00 Dinner & mingle

Day 2:

08.30 Group discussion
10.00 Study visit plant breeding & plant protection in woody perennials & lunch in the field
12.00 Summary – how will we continue?
14.00 Workshop ends

Short study visits – plant breeding & plant protection examples of perennial plants in different cropping systems

Day 1 - Lönnstorp to see and discuss perennial wheat grass ‘Kernza’ (Linda-Maria Mårtensson/Erik Steen Jensen and Anna Westerbergh) and agroforestry, including apple trees and agricultural crops in rotation (Linda-Maria Mårtensson/Maria Ernfors/Erik Steen Jensen). An organic field site in Alnarp where breeding material of an SLU-domesticated oil crop, perennial and biennial field cress, is growing (Mulatu Geleta ), also as an undersown crop at Lönnstorp (Nils-Ove Bertholdsson).

Day 2 - Landscape laboratoryto see 5-year old ash progeny trial with selected ash genotypes differing in resistance to ash die back and discuss progress towards breeding a more resistant population for planting in Sweden, including rapid phenotyping techniques using infrared spectroscopy to expedite tree selection (Michelle Cleary). Poplar clone establishment methods on agricultural land (Henrik Böhlenius) at trädgårdslab.

Tid: 2018-09-20 12:00 - 2018-09-21 14:00
Ort: Alnarp
Lokal: Crafoordsalen
Arrangör: Plattform växtförädling, Plattform växtskydd, Plattform odlingssystem
Sista anmälningsdag: 12 september 2018
Mer information:

This workshop is for researchers, postdocs and PhD-students at SLU. Register here latest on september 12.


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