Open Seminar with Professor Dan Brockington

Publicerad: 11 maj 2017
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On the 17 of May, Professor Dan Brockington will hold an open seminar on “Measuring and understanding dynamics of livelihood change: data dilemmas in African contexts”. This is a part of the CBM seminar series Conceptualisations of Nature.

The seminar will cover a current research project, which explores the challenges of knowing how the prosperity of the rural poor is changing during periods of economic growth. It tackles debates about the nature of wealth, the problems of data and the meaning of development. ​

Date: Wednesday, 17 May 2017, 16-18

Place: Ihre-salen, English Park Campus, Uppsala University, Thunbergsv. 3H

During the past 20 years Professor Dan Brockington has carried out research on conservation, environmentalism and what is now called “the Green Economy”. Currently he is exploring trends in agricultural change, livelihoods and prosperity through two projects. One is on long term livelihood change in Tanzania and another on irrigation in Africa. Amongst many other related interests, an offshoot of his research into capitalism and conservation lead to study of the work of celebrity in environmental affairs. He is currently the Director of the Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID).


This seminar series, CONCEPTUALISATIONS OF NATURE, aims to stimulate a discussion on concepts related to environmental policy and practice, such as ‘biodiversity’, ‘sustainable development’, ‘ecosystem services’, ‘landscape’ and even ‘nature’ itself. The seminar series consists of 5 presentations in total.

The presentation will be approximately 1 hour in length, followed by an extended 1 hour discussion. Professor Dan Brockington is our fifth invited researcher. The seminar will be held in English. The seminar is co-organized by Forum for Africa Studies, Uppsala University.