SLU Global is recruiting a head of unit

Publicerad: 23 mars 2018

SLU Global is now recruiting a head of unit with proven experience of international collaboration and global development work.

The head of unit will have overall responsibility for the unit’s activities, including planning, budgeting and budget follow-up. In addition, you will be partly responsible for the working environment, and will be expected to promote a positive and creative atmosphere. You will report to, and work closely with, the pro vice-chancellor for international relations on the strategic development of global operations. For administrative matters, you will report to the head of the Vice-Chancellor’s Office, and will also belong to the VCO management group.

We are looking for someone with a doctoral degree or equivalent who is fluent in English and has proven experience in international collaboration and global development work. The successful candidate must also have managerial experience – ideally with some kind of leadership training – and be communicative, clear and motivated. Experience in research, teaching, capacity development and communicating with external audiences would be an advantage, as would knowledge of languages other than English. A proven interest in, and experience of, collaboration with other disciplines would also be a plus.

More information about the recruitment can be found on SLU's website, in both Swedish and English.


In connection with the renewal of SLU Global, the unit will have a full-time head of unit as opposed to earlier, a part-time manager.