Disputation - Gaëlle Leduc

Publicerad: 13 september 2022
Gaëlle Leduc disputation

Måndag den 12 september 2022 disputerade Gaëlle Leduc med sin avhandling "Exploring layers of factors for farmers' adoption of ecological approaches". Opponent var professor Janet Dwyer från University of Gloucestershire. Stort grattis!


"This thesis investigates different 'layers' of factors for farmers' adoption of ecological approaches, namely, individual, social and material layers. Paper I investigates how ecological approaches are justified in EU rural development policy. Paper II explores the types of values that drive farmers in their choice of farming system, organic vs. conventional. Paper III provides a systematic map of the quantitative literature studying adoption of ecological approaches. Paper IV analyses the role of behavioural factors on farmers' adoption of agroforestry practices."


Nyckelord: farmers' decision-making, ecological approaches, mixed research methods, public goods

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