Enhancing the national breeding programs of Arctic charr and rainbow trout in Sweden with genotyping by sequencing

Senast ändrad: 04 juni 2019

Short description

Arctic charr and rainbow trout are the two most important farmed species for Swedish Aquaculture with a combined production of approximately 10,000 tn (FEAP 2018). Selective breeding is a key factor for boosting the aquaculture production of the above species. Most interestingly a breeding program for Arctic charr has been running in Sweden for over 20 years (Nilsson et al 2010), where selection is performed for a number of traits (e.g. growth, late maturation etc.). Additionally, a breeding program for rainbow trout has been re-initiated after it had been shelved in the nineties due to disease outbreaks. Selective breeding on both programs is based only on information derived by the pedigree, without any usage of genomic information.

Current project will aim on boosting the Arctic charr and rainbow trout breeding programs by combining quantitative genetics approaches with modern genotyping by sequencing (GBS).

The main research topics of the project will include the following:

  1. Generate genomic resources specifically tailored for the Swedish Arctic charr and rainbow trout stocks
  2. Estimation of genetic diversity of the breeding nucleus of Arctic charr and rainbow trout and sustainable management of inbreeding
  3. Improve key production traits, including growth and egg survival.

Partners involved

Principal Investigator; Christos Palaiokostas, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU.
Co-Investigators; Dirk-Jan de Koning and Henrik Jeuthe, Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, SLU.


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Nilsson J, Brannas E, Eriksson L-O. (2010). The Swedish Arctic charr breeding programme. Hydrobiologia 650:275-282

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