Aqua seminars

Senast ändrad: 05 februari 2018

Aqua Seminar Series is organized by the Department of Aquatic Resources. The seminar hosts speakers from our own department and also external visitors. The seminars cover themes and questions that are common interest to the department.

Aqua seminars are held once or twice a month on Wednesdays from 14:30-15:30 o’clock and can be followed over video connection within the department.

Monh Day Lab Speaker Subject
Mar 08 Hlab Sakari Kuikka

Analysis of oil spill risks in the Baltic Sea - what to do when you don't want to see the data?      Note! Thursday

Feb 14 Slab  Göran Sundblad

Recreational fisheries at SLU Aqua      Note! 13:30

Jan 25 Slab Jon Museth

Jon Museth - NINA - Experiences with boat electrfishing in lakes and running waters  Note! Thursday 13:30

 Jan 17 Hlab

Esha Mohamed

Designing surveys for species with patchy  distributions.

Hlabinstitute of marine research, LysekilKlabinstitute of coastal research, ÖregrundSlabinstitute of freshwater research, Drottningholm (Stockholm).


Monh Day Lab Speaker Subject
 Feb 15 Klab

Wojciech Uszko

Effects of warming and nutrient enrichment on consumer-resource interactions.

 Mar 01 Klab

Jarno Vanhatalo

Abundance matters in species distribution: case study on fish reproduction areas in the northern Baltic sea.

  08 Klab

Karin Wiberg

Tracking sources for dioxins in the Baltic Sea.
 Apr 04  Klab Lars Rudstam Ecosystem changes in the North American Great Lakes – the Lake Ontario perspective.
 May 03 Klab

Åsa Nilsson Austin

The role of submerged aquatic vegetation for ecosystem functions of shallow bays in the Baltic Sea.

 June 07 Hlab

Allen Andrews

Bombs and blue marlin (Makaira nigricans)— confirmation of rapid growth.      Note! 13:00

Aug 25 Klab

Morten Bryhn

Marine lipids: sources, chemistry, and biological effects.          Note! Friday

 Sep 06 Klab

Yngvild Vindenes

Using integral projection models (IPM) to study effects of climate change in size-structured populations.

  26 Hlab Mary Christman

Lessons from the Field: Estimating CPUE from Transect Surveys.           
  Note! Tuesday 10:00

Nov 13 Klab

Joshua Van Li

Multi-scale predictors of fish assemblage structure in soft complexity habitats.   
  Note! Monday 11:00 - 12:00

Dec 07 Slab Sigurd Einum

Sex, space and density dependence: When non-spatial approaches are inappropriate for understanding habitat effects on populations.     
     Note! Thursday  11:00 - 12:00

  08  Klab Rahmat Naddafi

Dreissenid mussels: ecological impacts and interaction with predators.   Note! Friday

  13  Klab Sebastian Diehl

State shifts in shallow, unproductive lakes – dependence on environmental drivers and species traits. 
  Note! 11:00 - 12:00


Monh Day Lab Speaker Subject
Mar 09 Klab Friederike Ermold Climate change time machine - adaptation to 30 years of warming in the Baltic Sea
  14 Klab Mirka Laurila-Pant
Note! Monday
Assessing the management of marine ecosystems under uncertainty concerning the objectives and values
   23 Klab Anna Gårdmark & Örjan Östman  Identifying size-dependent interactions in fish food-webs – relevance for fisheries management?
  30 Hlab Jonas Hentati-Sundberg SEA CHANGE - Social-ecological co-evolution in Baltic Sea fisheries 
Apr 06 Klab Gunilla Rosenqvist Male mate choice and female signals in a pipefish, what happens when the environment change?
  20 Klab Marcus Anders Krag Non-destructive monitoring of Danish coastal fishes
May 04 Hlab Grégoire Certain Applying diversity measures to management questions in marine Ecology
  10 Klab Louise Lindroos  Drivers of plankton populations in the Baltic Sea
Sep 08 Slab Thomas Mehner

Community size distributions predict ecosystem processes

  29 Klab Annukka Lehikoinen Joint effects of natural and anthropogenic drivers on coastal fish indicators – a Bayesian machine learning approach
Oct 31 Hlab Dr. Jon Helge Vølstad Sampling of fish and fisheries – how much is enough?
Nov 08 Klab Henrik C Andersson Framtidens kustfiske – fiskauktioner och  fisk(e)vård.              Note - Tuesday


Monh Day Lab Speaker Subject
Feb 4 Slab Bo Delling (NRM) Baltic cisco phylogeography with comments on salmoniform phylogeny and diversity
Mars 18 Hlab Susanne Eriksson Management of lobsters  - does the individual animal matter?
April 1 Slab Alfred Sandström All aboard? The potential of participatory research in fisheries
  14 Klab Jan Ohlberger Environmental impacts and intrinsic processes in size structured populations
  15 Klab Emma Björkvik & Wijnand Boonstra Styles and working knowledge. Understanding diversity, development and sustainability of Swedish fisheries
  16 Slab Alan Walker (CEFAS) Management and conservation of eel and other diadromous fish in the UK
Sep 09 Slab Rebecca Whitlock A multi-stock model for coastal salmon fisheries in the Baltic Sea
Oct 07 Slab Allen Andrews Bomb radiocarbon dating of fishes
  19 Slab Philipp Hirsch
Invasive round goby and crayfish in Swiss rivers and lakes– current threats and management approaches
Nov 30 Klab Johan Eklöf  The key role of biotic interactions in a changing world- examples from coastal food webs in the Baltic Sea
Dec 04 Klab Lina Isaks Can we value the invaluable? Deliberative valuation of ecosystem services in a marine environment
Dec 07 Klab Egle Jakubaviciute Small fish - big challenges: role of three-spined stickleback in the Baltic Sea


Monh Day Lab Speaker Subject
Feb 6 Klab Mikaela Bergenius mfl Granskning av beståndsuppskattningar och råd för nationellt reglerade arter ROM 2014
April 23 Slab Johan Östergren INSTÄLLT
May 7 Klab Laura Uusitalo
(SYKE, Finlnad)
Bayesian networks in environmental assessment and management
  14 Klab Anna Gårdmark
Magnus Huss
Size matters for dynamics of cod, sprat and herring – key
mechanisms and how to detect them in data
June 11 Hlab Henrik Svedäng Costs of selectivity in Eastern Baltic cod fishery
   17  Slab  Karin Limburg Otoliths as Archives of the Secret Lives of Fishes: Beyond Routine Aging 
 Oct 01 Slab Johan Östergren Science-based management of  the Swedish coastal salmon fishery
 Nov 11 Hlab Kenneth Frank Changing states of large marine ecosystems: assessment of the roles of climate change and bio-physical forcing
 Dec 03 Klab Jennifer Griffiths Phytoplankton interactions in the Baltic!


17 Klab Ulf Bergström
Jens Olsson
Stickleback in the Baltic – small fish with big impact?