Forskarstuderande vid BVF

Senast ändrad: 08 december 2016
Namn Titel År Huvud-handledare
Chenais, Erika Assessing the impacts of African Swine Fever in smallholder pig systems and the feasibility of potential interventions 2013  Sofia Boqvist
Cholleti, Harindranath Application of viral metagenomics to investigate circulating viruses in the wildlife-livestock interface for a preparedness of new emerging diseases 2013 Mikael Berg
Ekstrand, Carl Glukokortikoider till häst - säker användning ur ett dopnings- och behandlingsperspektiv 2011 Lena Olsén 
Frosth, Sara Development and evaluation of improved diagnostics of the ovine footrot pathogen Dichelobacter nodosus 2012 Susanna Sternberg Lewerin
Gete, Hestvik Natural Francisella tularensis infection in the hare: descriptive pathology, and epidemiology in hares and other wildlife species 2012 Dolores Gavier Widén

Li, Zhiqiang

Immunomodulatory proteins secreted by intestinal parasites and the mast cell protease mediated host defence 2015 Magnus Åbrink

Lindgren, Ylva

Fowl Adeno virus infections in meat producing chickens in Sweden. Pathology, epidemiology and effect on production parameters. 2016 Mikael Berg

Lungu-Mitea, Sebastian

Development and application of in vitro bioassays for assessment of toxicity in fish 2016 Agneta Oskarsson

Maganira, Justine

Environmental contamination by Taenia solium eggs in southern highland regions in Tanzania 2016 Johan Höglund

Martin, Frida

Mekanismer för läkemedelsresistens hos hästens spolmask  2016 Eva Tydén
Miller, Andrea The role of rodents in the spread of Echinococcus multilocularis and other tapeworms in a low endemic area 2013 Johan Höglund
Neimane, Aleksija The rapidly changing picture of lagoviruses in Sweden and Europe with an emphasis on pathobiologogy 2015 Dolores Gavier Widén
Näslund, Johanna Reproductive health in coastal fish in the Baltic sea  2011 Leif Norrgren
Ottinger, Therese Development of veterinary forensic pathology from crime scene to court 2011 Dolores Gavier Widén
Pohl, Johannes Toxicological evalutation of ozonation as treatment of sewage effluents 2016 Leif Norrgren
Söderqvist, Karin Yersinia enterocolitica - the forgotten food borne zoonosis - epidemiology and microbiology 2010 Ivar Vågsholm
Tarbiat, Behdad Comparison between conventional and TST deworming strategy against Ascaridia galli in commercial laying hens 2014 Johan Höglund
Tomé Moiane, Belisario Rift Valley Fever – Diagnostics, epidemiology and vaccine use in south Mozambique 2014 Ann Albihn
Torsson, Emeli Ecology of Peste des petits ruminant virus in Tanzania 2014 Mikael Berg
Ågren, Estelle Effektivisering av salmonellakontrollen i svenska mjölkbesättningar 2011 Susanna Sternberg Lewerin