Molecular Toxicology

Senast ändrad: 09 juli 2021

The Molecular Toxicology research group works with cell based in vitro assays to address research questions in the fields of environmental toxicology and food toxicology.

The research is currently focused on the following research themes;

  • Effect-based assessment of chemical pollutants in waste water, evaluation of mixture effects and identification of novel emerging contaminants by effect-directed analysis (funded by Formas)
  • Effect-based assessment of novel drinking water treatment techniques (funded by Formas)
  • Silicon wristband as a sampler for the indoor environment – evaluation by in vitro bioassays (funded by Finnish Cultural Foundation)
  • In vitro-methods to monitor the presence of bioactive chemical pollutants in food (funded by SLU Career Grant)
  • Development of fish in vitro bioassays (funded by Swedish Research Council and Swedish Fund for Research Without Animal Experiments)