Horses' ability to track hidden objects and the effects of training level

Senast ändrad: 10 februari 2021

The aim is to investigate aspects of object permanence in horses and the effect of training level. Case species: Icelandic horses in various ages and training level (from free roaming, untrained young horses to professionally trained, and competing horses). Aspects of human-animal communication can be included. The project is open for the students own ideas and is part of a larger project including a series of experiments.


Qualifications: Master/kandidat student with a background in animal science, veterinary science or similar fields. Knowledge of ethology and behavioural ecology is an advantage but not a prerequisite.

Practical information: Experiments will be conducted indoor in collaboration with a private training stable. There will be long experimental days with overnight stays near to the stable, as data collection will be done over a short period (1-2 months). No previous experience with horses or a driver’s license is necessary. Project is scheduled to run spring (approx. Mar-May) 2021, and in Skåne or other läns in southern Sweden.