Examensarbete: Associations between growth and tail biting in pigs

Senast ändrad: 27 september 2023

In this pilot project we aim to assess associations between growth and tail biting in pigs.

We want to assess if the growth in individual pigs and the entire group of pigs in the pen prior to the tail biting outbreak differ in pens where tail biting later occur compared to matched control pens in the same batch. We also want to assess the growth development in pigs after a tail biting outbreak. The project includes analyses of historical data from the pig facilities at Lövsta and a large interest in handling and statistical analyses of data is essential for the student taking on this project.

The project will be performed in collaboration with three researchers: Torun Wallgren, Stefan Gunnarsson and Anna Wallenbeck.

Please contact Anna Wallenbeck if you are interested.