Avhandlingar vid institutionen för markvetenskap 2002 - 2007

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Sara Elfstrand
Impact of green manure on soil organisms: with emphasis on microbial community composition and function

Yariv Cohen
Phosphorus recovery from urban wastes and ashes      

Fredrik Stenemo
Vulnerability assessments of pesticide leaching to groundwater

Fantaw Yimer
Soil properties in relation to topographic aspects, vegetation communities and land use in the south-eastern highlands of Ethiopia

Nguyen Manh
Khai Effects of using wastewater and biosolids as nutrient sources on accumulation and behaviour of trace metals in Vietnamese soils

Göran Ekbladh
Plant analysis as a tool to determine crop nitrogen status: towards leaf area based measurements


Karin Ljung
Metals in urban playground soils: distribution and bioaccessibility


Helena Bengtsson
Nutrient and trace element flows and balances at the Öjebyn dairy farm: aspects of temporal and spatial variation and management practices

Sofia Delin
Site-specific nitrogen fertilization demand in relation to plant available soil nitrogen and water

John Löfkvist
Modifying soil structure using plant roots

Mats Larsbo
An improved dual-permeability model of solute transport in structured soils: model development and parameter identification in laboratory and field experiments

Kristina Röing
Soil nitrogen fluxes in Swedish and Nigerian agricultural systems

Mats Linde
Trace metals in urban soils: Stockholm as a case study


Mats Fröberg
Processes controlling production and transport of dissolved organic carbon in forest soils

Katarina Kyllmar
Nitrogen leaching in small agricultural catchments: modelling and monitoring for assessing state, trends and effects of counter-measures

Thomas Keller
Soil compaction and soil tillage - studies in agricultural soil mechanics


Andreas Trautner
On soil behaviour during field traffic

Sophie Gunnarsson
Optimisation of N release: influence of plant material chemical composition on C and N mineralization

Petra Bergkvist
Long-term fate of sewage-sludge derived cadmium in arable soils: laboratory and field experiments, and modelling with SLAM and WHAM

Gudrun Sjöberg
Lignin degradation: long-term effects of nitrogen addition on decomposition of forest soil organic matter

Katarina Börling
Phosphorus sorption, accumulation and leaching: effects of long-term inorganic fertilization of cultivated soils

Anke Herrmann
Predicting nitrogen mineralization from soil organic matter - a chimera?

Mykhaylo Vinichuk
Radiocaesium in the fungal compartment of forest ecosystems


Ingela Berggren
Rhizosphere of peas, impact of bacterial interactions on symbiosis

Gunilla Jansson
Cadmium in arable crops: the influence of soil factors and liming

Pål Andersson
Nitrogen turnover in Swedish spruce forest ecosystems: effects of nitrogen deposition

Ingrid Wesström
Controlled drainage - effects on subsurface outflow and nitrogen flows


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