Avhandlingar vid institutionen för skoglig marklära 2002 - 2007

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Lars Rosenqvist
Afforestation of former arable land in north-western Europe: nitrate leaching, carbon sequestration and water recharge

Caroline Rothpfeffer
From wood to waste and waste to wood: aspects on recycling waste products from the pulp mill to the forest soil    



Bekele Lemma
Impact of exotic tree plantations on carbon and nutrient dynamics in abandoned farmland soils of southwestern Ethiopia


Mulugeta Lemenih
Effects of land use changes on soil quality and native flora degradation and restoration in the highlands of Ethiopia: implications for sustainable land management


Mikaeel Faituri
Soil organic matter in Mediterranean and Scandinavivan forest ecosystems - dynamics of organic matter, nutrients, and monomeric phenolic compounds

Elve Lode
Natural mire hydrology in restoration of peatland functions

Anja Lomander
Organic matter turnover in forest and arable land: temperature and moisture effects and dynamics of heavy metals

Jorge Mendoza
Influences of land use/land cover and soil type on amounts of soil organic carbon and soil characteristics


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