Tree retention practices in boreal forests - which landscape are we creating?

Senast ändrad: 15 januari 2019

The practice of retaining single trees and parts of stands at clearfelling operations is becoming increasingly common in boreal and temperate regions, aiming to promote biodiversity and sustain ecological functions. We studied how such retention actions may re-shape future boreal forest production landscapes, in a case study area of 533 ha in boreal Sweden. Scenarios of 0%, 5% and 20% retained patches at stand level were projected over 200 years using the forest planning decision support system Heureka. Visualizations of future forest states in landscape view and stand view were made based on the Heureka projections. The visualized images were created with the software Visual Nature Studio 3.0 and a overview of the images created for the project follows below. 

2010, present, retention 5%
2030, 20 years later, retention 5%
2060, 50 years later, retention 5%
2110, 100 years later, retention 5%
2120, 110 years later, retention 5%


Håkan Olsson, professor
Institutionen för skoglig resurshushållning, Avdelningen för Skoglig fjärranalys, SLU, 090-786 83 76