ECOS courses

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The courses offered by ECOS are arena courses in which the students disseminate the relationship between ecology and society. We also offer courses in economics for students with an ecology background, as well as courses in ecology for students with an economic background.

Natural resource economics for non-economics

PhD Course

Basic microeconomics. 2 ETCS. September 17-19, Lecturer: Professor Bengt Kriström, Department of Forest Economics, SLU and CERE

Natural resource economics. 2 ETCS. October 1-3, Lecturer: PhD student Brian Danley, Department of Forest Economics, SLU and CERE

Economic policy instruments. 2 ETCS. October 22-24, Lecturer: Associate Senior Lecturer Chandra Kiran Krishnamurthy, Department of Forest Economics and CERE

Ecology for non-ecologists

PhD Course

Populations, communities and ecosystems (1.5 ECTS) 27/11 –1/12 2017

Resources, competition and predation (1.5 ECTS) 4/12 –8/12 2017

Conservation ecology (2 ECTS) 11/12 –20/12 2017

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Natural resource policy and governance

PhD Course

Natural resource policy and governance. 2 ETCS.

Natural resource policy and conflict management. 2 ETCS.

Introduction to the statistical program R

PhD Course

Basic R - statistics 3 ETCS.

Advanced R – statistics 3 ETCS.

Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Use

PhD Course

HD – basic theory. 1.5 ETCS

Belief system; structures, cases and role plays. 1.5 ETCS

Conservation conflicts and stakeholder analysis. 1.5 ETCS

Conflicts and communication

PhD Course

Communication for effective management of social-ecological systems, 1.5 ECTS 

ARM for the future - Adaptive resource management

PhD Course

Adaptive resource management, theory 1.5 ETCS

Case study: Megaherbivore management in practice 1.5 ETCS

Case study: Large carnivore management in practice 1.5 ETCS

Social ecological system mapping

PhD Course

System thinking, theories and concepts 1.5 ETCS

SES mapping - multiple mapping techniques 1.5 ETCS