R - introduction and practical applications

Senast ändrad: 11 januari 2017

Typically offered every spring, in the end of April.

5 credits



This R course is aimed to give basic knowledge on the R language and on the skills of writing R codes for practical applications.  R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics, and has been widely used in the academic world and in teaching. The R contains a huge number of packages for practical applications in academic research. This intensive course will focus on the core of R programming language, and data manipulation with R. Detail statistical methods or analysis will not be taught in the course. We will provide examples of how to generate basic descriptive statistics, conduct a simple linear regression, data manipulation, etc. After the course, participants should master the basic knowledge of R language and have the skills in R to conduct statistical analysis.


The course includes lectures, computer exercises and final exam. The final content of course will be adapted based on the students´ background. 


Final exam (assignments) 



Good knowledge in English is vital to be able to follow the course


1) Doctoral student and MSc och BSc in forestry (or jägmästare)

Including higher level courses in mathematical statistics and/or forest economics.

2) Doctoral student and MSc or BSc in economics, management or business administration including higher level courses in quantitative analysis.

3) Doctoral student with other background (such as engineering) including quantitative analysis and some economics and/or management.


The course consists of time to prepare before lectures, intensive lectures over about 1 week (in connection to Stated preferens methods) and time afterwards to complete assignements.

Responsible teacher

Wenchou Zhou



Lectures will be offered between 24th of April and 28th of April, 2017. 


Deadline for application: March 16, 2017.

This is an intensive course. All lectures will be given in the first week. The number of participants is limited to 10 and the principle of first come, first served is used. The course will be offered if there are at least 5 participants.

Sidansvarig: camilla.widmark@slu.se