Pablo Garrido, PhD student

Senast ändrad: 02 oktober 2018

Research Project

Currently involved in the research group Forest-Landscape-Society, undertaking a PhD on Cultural oak landscapes as green infrastructure for biodiversity conservation and human well-being.


Technical Forest Engineer 2006 Valladolid University of Spain
Forest Engineer 2011 Valladolid University of Spain
MSc in Biology 2011 Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Currently PhD student at SLU


My interest for nature started early when introduced by my father I first experienced first hiking activities. I always have loved animals and nature and that lead to an education in forestry and later on in biology. Hence I consider myself a hybrid trying to undrestand the complex ecosystems, to which recently a new social dimension has also been added.

Research Interests

My research interest are ample, ranging from social-ecological systems to animal ecology, landscape ecology as well as forest management, among others.


Secretary in the editorial board, and Guest Editor of the special issue of AMBIO 2013:2 entitled “Knowledge Production and Learning for Sustainable Landscapes: Europe’s West and East as a Laboratory”, see at

Angelstam, P., K. Andersson, M. Annerstedt, R. Axelsson, M. Elbakidze, P. Garrido, P. Grahn, K. I. Jönsson, S. Pedersen, P. Schlyter, E. Skärbäck, M. Smith, and I. Stjernquist. 2013. Solving Problems in Social–Ecological Systems: Definition, Practice and Barriers of Transdisciplinary Research. AMBIO 42:254-265.

Garrido, P., S. Lindqvist, and P. Kjellander. 2014. Natural forage composition decreases deer browsing on Picea abies around supplemental feeding sites. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research:1-9.

Garrido et al. (in prep.) Stakeholders’ perspectives on ecosystem services of Sweden’s last cultural oak landscapes.