Strengthening Capacity on Research and Innovation for Sustainable Land and Environmental Management for Inclusive Development (Stem-Id)

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Improved well-being and poverty alleviation in Tanzania, through effective use of research results, innovations and highly trained human resources for informed decision making in matters pertaining to land, environmental management and human settlements development is the main objective of the overall program.

Strengthening Capacity on Training and Research in Land Use and Human Settlements Development in Ardhi University, Tanzania (2015-2020). This program is a collaborative venture between Ardhi University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Science SLU.

Within this program, number of research projects are ongoing in collaboration between Urban and Rural Development Department at SLU and Ardhi University:

  • Governance of Land and Municipal Services in Urban Centres in Tanzania. It aims at enhancing governance of peri-urban land and municipal services necessary to address apparent institutional and resource deficits.
  • Quest for Alternative Urban Planning Model for Small Towns in Tanzania aiming at addressing the weak capacity of the statutory authorities’ in managing urban growth due to lack of appropriate planning approaches and over centralized planning systems. The planning models which have been tested in large urban centres have not been tested in small towns which have different contexts and opportunities.
  • Informality and Habitation in the Context of Changing Urban Landscape is a programme which aims at understanding informal space dynamics (in terms of space/place development use, and management) so as to influence and inform conventional urban design and architecture for engendering sustainable development of the urban landscape.
  • Access to Land Resources, Vulnerability and HIV AIDS in Tanzania, has been developed with the aim of looking at the existing policies instruments and legal frameworks on abilities and desires to access and hold on land resources by people living with HIV aids in Tanzania.

SLU and Ardhi Team during the Kick off seminar in Dar es Salaam, in September 2015.


Program Coordinators

Zeinab Tag-Eldeen, Researcher, Division of Landscape Architecture, 018-672318, 07073116 00,

Rolf Johansson, Professor Emeritus, Division of Landscape Architecture,073 -8272661,