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When it comes to studies, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences offers plenty of opportunities. As an SLU student, you have the opportunity to do an exchange between SLU campuses. The major SLU education and research centers are Alnarp, Skara, Skinnskatteberg, Uppsala and Umeå.

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Below you can find some short introduction about the different campuses:

SLU Alnarp
SLU Alnarp is the southernmost campus of SLU. Alnarp is a small village in the municipality of Lomma. The beautiful "Green oasis" as some of the students call it, is a serene and amiable place where all the students receive a warm reception. Southwest of Alnarp, one of the biggest cities of Sweden, Malmö, is located and it only takes you 20 minutes from there to get to Copenhagen airport, Denmark. In Alnarp, students can choose to study a variety of subjects, including Agroecology, Horticultural science, Plant biology, Landscape architecture and, of course, Forest science. In regards to forestry, the Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre is close to opening two new programmes – one on bachelor´s and the other on master´s level. Besides the two new programmes, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre is hosting the famous Euroforester MSc programme. 

SLU Skara
The campus, where Peter Hernquist started Sweden's first veterinary education in 1775, is research oriented campus, in which, research and education is focused on animals, environment and rural production issues. Since the fall of 2015, all SLU courses have been moved to campus of Uppsala; however different training courses are still offered for higher education credits. Students who are on the campus today belong to the School of Biology. 

SLU Skinnskatteberg
Skinnskatterberg is a small village in northern Västmanland, South-Central Sweden, only two hours-drive to Stockholm and a little bit less than two hours to another major SLU campus – Uppsala. It is a beautiful region, surrounded by both, northern coniferous forests and southern mixed forests. Right in this place, Skogsmästare have found home and for more than 70 years, since 1945, more than 2000 foresters have been trained and prepared. Besides the Bachelor program in Forest Management, offers other possibilities including international cooperation and exchange.

SLU Uppsala
Located in between the southernmost and northernmost SLU campus, SLU´s main campus is located in Ultuna, six kilometers outside of Uppsala. Historically known as one of the centers of the formation of Swedish statehood, Uppsala will not leave you unsatisfied, as it is known for its beautiful landscape and plenty of sightseeing. With respect to education, there is a variety of master programs to choose from.

SLU Umeå
The northernmost SLU campus is located in the city called Umeå. Umeå is Sweden´s thirteen largest city and currently also the largest urban area of northern Sweden. Many of the people, who have had a shorter or longer stay in Umeå, may know it as "City of Birches". But, when it comes to education, Umeå is well known for its capacity for forestry related subjects. In addition to the traditional educational program Jägmästarprogrammet (only in swedish), this campus also offers two other master´s programs – Management of Fish and Wildlife Population and Plant Biology for Sustainable Production.

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