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Since the establishment of Euroforester MSc programme in 2001, our scholarship sponsors have financially supported students from SLU partner universities around the Baltic Sea as well as from Romania, Ukraine and Vietnam.

The main aims of these scholarships are to give an opportunity for students that are interested and ambitious, to study in Sweden and learn about Swedish forest management and governance; to spread the knowledge and perhaps become a part of the sustainable future of our forests. Amongst the sponsors are:


IKEA - a multinational company that designs and sells furniture

The world´s largest furniture retailer, IKEA, has been providing financial support for students since the establishment of Euroforester MSs programme and to this day has remained as the main scholarship donor for Euroforester students. IKEA´s financial support has been crucial for many of the students who have chosen to study in Euroforester MSc programme – more than 330 students have received IKEA scholarships during the 19 years of existence of Euroforester program. Amongst the students, who have received IKEA one-year scholarships, most have come from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, subsequently followed by the Russian Federation(no longer among partners), Ukraine, China, Romania and Czech Republic (Brunet et al. 2018).
Currently, a new agreement with IKEA is in place, which ensures financial support for students coming from countries such as Romania, and Vietnam.



Skogssällskapet - a Swedish Forest Society Foundation with a focus on sustainable development of land and forest

Skogssällskapet has been financially supporting students from the Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) since 2017 and the current agreement runs through 2020-2022. In addition, Skogssällskapet has also offered funding for thesis projects for students from the Baltic States, giving them an opportunity to carry out master´s projects in the field of forest management and forest science.



SCA (Svenska Cellulosa Aktiebolaget) – a Swedish company that produces sawn timber, paper, cellulose and pellets

SCA is the newest scholarship sponsor we have come to an agreement with and the agreement with SCA will run through 2020-2022, providing two scholarships annually for students coming from Latvia and Estonia. SCA is also ready to offer an opportunity for students to do summer jobs.


Stiftelsen Seydlitz MP bolagen Stiftelsen Seydlitz MP bolagen

Institutionen har under de närmsta två åren stipendier från Seydlitz som ska gå till jägmästar-eller skogsmästar-studenter som vill läsa en eller flera masterskurser från Euroforester programmet. Som student kan man ansöka om flyttbidrag när man börjar läsa en eller flera av kurserna. Vill du veta mer, kontakta programstudierektor för Euroforester.
Stiftelsen Seydlitz MP bolagen är en stiftelse som verkar för att stötta forskning och utbildning inom skogsvård och skogsbruk i södra Sverige .


How to qualify for one of these scholarships?
In order to qualify for a scholarship, you have to be a student of any of our partner faculties of the countries our sponsors provide scholarships for. More information regarding our partner faculties/universities you can find under International exchange cooperations or by contacting exchange coordinator at your faculty/university.
The selection process usually takes place from mid-October to mid-December and SLU personnel responsible for student recruitment are doing it. Every applicant has to undergo a test and an interview either in a face-to-face meeting or, in some cases, via skype meeting. The selection process is followed by evaluation of all the applicants and the final decision on who will receive the scholarship is announced within one month, depending on when the interviews are conducted and the number of applicants. More detailed information can be seen in the table below.

  IKEA Skogssällskapet SCA
Eligible countries n/a Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania Latvia, Estonia
Number of scholarships n/a 3 2
Amount, SEK/month 9500 9500 9500
Number of months paid 9 9 9
Travel grant Fixed amount depending on the country Fixed amount depending on the country Fixed amount depending on the country